Our modular motors and gearboxes are used in over 175 different operational areas - properly matched for the exact requirements of our clients from all over the world!

ASTRO motors move the world.
The ASTRO company develops electric motors for projects under water, in the air, on land and in space.

Applications ASTRO Motors

In the following overview we list some examples of typical applications for you:

16. Dental equipment cleaners

17. Advertising display drive

18. Large clock drive

19. Traffic sign drive

20. Salmon cutter

21. Conveyor drive for food production

22. Cigarette production

23. Precision dosing devices

24. Drive for variable-speed gears

25. Drive for kebab machines

26. Drive for fire hose drying unit

27. Car production

28. Drive for sorting equipment

29. Controller for the regulation of cooling water in the international space station (ISS)

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