Replacement for Berger Lahr RSM synchronous motors

Official partner: ASTRO offers identical replacements for Berger Lahr synchronous motors of the discontinued RSM 828 to 884 series

Ersatz Berger Lahr RSM Serie 2021  Ersatz Berger Lahr RSM Serie 1992

The problem: omission of your important component

The production of the synchronous motors of the RSM 828 to 884 series known as "Berger Lahr" has been discontinued. The reason: The focus of the producer (now Schneider Electric) has shifted.

Problematic for companies that need these robust and precise synchronous motors for their products - e.g. B. in access systems and supermarket barriers, in metering pumps, in label dispensers and analysis devices or in other areas of equipment and apparatus construction. In measurement and control technology, for example, Berger Lahr are used as reliable actuators for valves and flaps. Are you looking for a high-quality 1: 1 replacement?

The solution: equivalent engines from the official partner

The ASTRO synchronous motors of the ASM 14 to ASM 86 series have been the perfect replacement for the Berger Lahr synchronous motors that are no longer in production - optionally also in combination with various types of gearboxes. With motor protection classes up to IP 65, we are able to replace all synchronous motors of the above-mentioned series - even with operating voltages outside the former Berger Lahr range.

In addition, as an official partner of the Berger Lahr brand, we can also replace the Berger gearbox types T, G and P spur gearboxes with perfect fit. Your special advantage: We are happy to adapt our high-quality equivalent according to your customer requirements, e.g. with a shaft diameter of 8 - 16 mm.

Certification with the highest protection classes

Whether ATEX, IECEx, CSA or UL: We offer the most common certifications for our motors in Europe, North America and internationally. All ASTRO synchronous motors from 1 ~ 24 V to 3 ~ 600 V have UL approval. We also offer you the option of ATEX approval for zones 1 to 22.

Characteristic data: ASTRO synchronous motors of the series ASM 14 to ASM 86

Voltage 1~24V – 3~ 480 VAC
Protection class IP 40 – 65
UL certification
ATEX certification
VDE certification
ISO 9001:2015
Compatibility 100 %
Transmission types T-gears, G-gears and P-gears
Transmissions 3:1 – 2076:1
Special executions


May it be a little bit more? You are welcome…

For example, do you need more power or smoothness? Then we have the right solution with the LN series. You can also use our modular system to design the synchronous motor as a BLDC or stepper motor - with identical dimensions. A flameproof enclosure with and without ATEX approval is also possible.

In short: At ASTRO you don't have to adapt to the engine, we design your engine individually according to your wishes - without specifying a minimum quantity. And without compromising on quality. It is not without reason that ASTRO Motoren-Technik is used successfully at a depth of 2,000 m, on water, on land, in the air and in space.

By the way: You will also find the RSM 36 - 63 can motors from Berger Lahr, which have been tried and tested worldwide, in the ASTRO sales program.


Synchronous motors brochure

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