We build our modular motors and transmissions
in millions of combinations – precisely tailored
to the requirements of every customer.

We provide everything from tailored solutions through to complete assemblies!

Synchronous motors by ASTRO
Stepping motors by ASTRO
Constant-speed motors by ASTRO
Gears by ASTRO
Synchronous motor by ASTRO
Stepping motor SAM 5620 by ASTRO
Constant-speed motor AGM 6030 SG by ASTRO
Gears by ASTRO
Explosion-proof motors by ASTRO
Electronically controlled motors by ASTRO
Servo-motors by ASTRO
System components by ASTRO
Explosion-proof motor AS 80-6 by ASTRO
Electronically controlled motor AEM 80 SG by ASTRO
Servo-motor ASM 0518 ST by ASTRO
Strength-length measurement instrument by ASTRO
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