• Work begins on developing the motor.


  • ASTRO Motorengesellschaft is founded by electrical engineer Walter Hopp with 3 employees.
  • The new ASTRO synchronous motor is introduced to market.
  • A new design with plastic load-bearing components.
  • Spur gear allows a wide range of speeds.


  • Second motor speed added.
  • The company now provides 1000 rpm and 1500 rpm motors.


  • Basic motor structure plastic. Second design in metal.


  • ASTRO products introduced to the international market.


  • Production of the stepper motor series.
  • Company develops its own electronics system.


  • Economist Thomas Graudenz joins the management team as Deputy Managing Director.
  • KANBAN system introduced for inventory management.
  • Production planning in PROFIT center.


  • Introduction of DIN EN ISO 9001-2000 and guideline 94/9/EG for explosion-proof motors.
  • The market leader in explosion-proof synchronous motors up to 30W.
  • Sale of planetary gears.


  • New production facilities planned.
  • Introduction of new generation of motors with electronic control.


  • Move to a new wooden frame modern production facility connected to a biomass heating assembly.
  • Two training positions created:
  • 1. Production side: electronics technician in mechanical and drive engineering
  • 2. Management side: office administrator


  • RohS Directive implemented.
  • INMAS pledges to update standards.
  • Research and development partnership with the University of Bremen and IALB.


  • Stand at the 2006 AIR CRAFT INTERIORS trade fair in Hamburg.
  • Expansion of certification area "dust" for explosion-proof motors.
  • Awarded the 2006 City of Langen prize for entrepreneurship for exceptional corporate social responsibility, the production of high precision electric motors for the global market and, in particular, the unique ecologically friendly design of the new production facility and biomass heating system.
  • Finalist "BREMEN ENVIRONMENT AWARD NORTHWEST 2006". Recognises the best environmental projects in the region.


  • Stand at the 2007 AIR CRAFT INTERIORS trade fair in April Hamburg.
  • Nominated for the 2007 "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes". The Leipzig-based OSKAR-PATZELT foundation awards the annual Großer Preis des Mittelstandes every autumn to small and medium sized companies for outstanding performance.
  • Joined the "PRO STANDORT DEUTSCHLAND" initiative. This initiative is committed to maintaining, strengthening and expanding Germany's reputation as a centre of industry.
  • Awarded a 2007 finalist prize by the esteemed jury for the Großer Preis des Mittelstandes.


  • "Girls`Day 2008" - five girls and two boys spend the morning of the 24th of April at ASTRO and get to see what goes into a day's work here.
  • ASTRO - the official sponsor of "ELMLOHER REITERTAGE 2008".
  • ASTRO celebrates its 25th anniversary in September.
  • A fundraising campaign for the Bunter Tisch Langen project is launched as part of the celebrations. Bunter Tisch Langen feeds 40 to 50 children and adults every week.
    Astro attends the Motek trade fair between 22 and 25 September.