8 December 2011

ASTRO awarded berufundfamilie certificate

ASTRO Motoren was awarded the berufundfamilie certificate by the non-profit Hertie Foundation on 8 December.

This makes ASTRO Motorengesellschaft the first commercial operation in the district of Cuxhaven to be recognised as exceptionally family friendly.

ASTRO cultivates a family atmosphere between its employees and management and values a good balance between work and family.

The review process produced a set of measures which we had three years to implement. We documented these measures and provided evidence that we had implemented them as part of the certification process.

The certificate will be officially presented by the German Minister for Families in Berlin in June 2012.

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3 May 2011

berufundfamilie certificate for ASTRO

Yet another innovation from ASTRO: In addition to being the premium manufacturer of electric motors up to 200 watts, ASTRO Motorengesellschaft is also well known for having a particularly family friendly staff policy.

ASTRO is working together with HanseCert, led by Dr. Michael Fillié, to be the first company in the region to receive the berufundfamilie certificate, an initiative of the non-profit Hertie Foundation.

At ASTRO, your family isn't limited to a mother, a father and two children; it includes people who care for you, people who you have long-term responsibility for, and pretty much anyone who's an important part of the lives of our employees , not just blood relatives. Here, family includes life partners, important friends and neighbours - pretty much anyone you genuinely care about.

At ASTRO, we want our employees to have a good balance between their professional lives and their family lives. We also want to give them time for special family occasions. The berufundfamilie certificate will be recognition of this fundamental attitude.

We spent two interesting days on the review phase with a group of employee representatives and Dr. Michael Fillié. The next step is signing off on the objectives and implementing them over the next 3 years, making ASTRO even more family-friendly as a company and our employees even happier!

Newspaper "Nordsee-Zeitung" from 10 May 2011:


10 May 2011

31 March 2011

Latest delivery information in response to the situation in Japan

The earthquake in Japanese triggered a string of other catastrophes which have had a major impact on the country, its people and the economy. It is currently unclear how the situation will unfold, particularly regarding the nuclear contamination resulting from the accident at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima.

The situation will not result in any delivery bottlenecks for ASTRO Motoren, as our products are truly "Made in Germany". At least 95% of the parts that go into ASTRO motors come from German suppliers.  We have been given a 100% guarantee that the remaining parts will arrive from Asia.

We have however noticed an increased number of requests for replacements, so we recommend making plans in good time if you have a need.

We remain, as ever, committed to reacting as quickly and flexibly to your requests and orders.


31 January 2011

Official handover on 29.1.2011

Mr Hopp officially handed the business over to Mr Graudenz on 29.1.2011. Over 150 guests attended the festivities at the ASTRO Motorengesellschaft offices, including representatives from business and politics, friends and family, and, of course, the ASTRO workforce. The new owner Thomas Graudenz requested that people make donations to the citizens' fund in the city of Langen instead of giving presents. A major thank you to everyone who donated!

Newspaper "Nordsee-Zeitung" from 31. January 2011:

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